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You'll never know, never know what it's like
To be this alone. 
I'm glad for you.
'Cause you can just lie to yourself and "move on"
Into somebody else's home 

But I need:
The smell of your skin
The taste of your lips
Your body in bed
The sway of your hips to get me through...

But you are:
The greatest mistake
That I could've made
I've made it before
I know what it takes to look passed
All these red flags.

Burn it to the ground, yeah.
How does it sound, my angel?
Burn your bridges
Wake the dead
Keep telling yourself
It’s all in their head
Burn it to the ground
Burn it to the ground

I have no sympathy at all
After you’ve taken everything
I’ll wait and watch while you drown
In the quicksand I found you in

Lie to me
As vows fade
You're so far away
But still next to me




Wide awake and breathing
All alone in a crowded room.
Could've sworn I'm dreaming,
I keep choking on the fumes.

How did I get here
Disconnected from the roots?
Now the message is clear.
Now it's time to face the truth.

How can you... How can you say,
"Pick up the pieces,
Unburden yourself,
Learn how to live
Without anyone else."?

How can you... How can you say,
"Look to tomorrow,
Give up the ghost.
That's in your past,
let them reap what they sow."?

If we could see tomorrow
Deep in the scars of yesterday...
Such a cliché to borrow,
Can't find the words that I need to say.

Should I go find my peace with God
Cause there's nothing here left for me?
Or do I learn how to fight a war
that's been burning for centuries?

Who's gonna save me now?
A moth to the flame always burns from desire.
I got to save me now. Somehow.

I've got to save me now.
The plans that we made tend to fade when it rains.
I've got to save me now. Somehow!

No one can save me now. 
It comes down to me, and I've been here before.
So I got to save me now,
And tear down the walls that I've built all around.

Cause what took so long to build up
only takes one push to break down.
Watch how I save me now...
Watch how I save me now.



The Comedown Rhino web.jpg

Tell me if you see them
What a fall from grace.
I bet you never seen it.
Well, it was coming from a mile away.

On the way back down,
When you seem to lose it all
With no one to turn to now.
So you just keep falling.
On the way back down,
No one left to take your falls.
Who's going to drag you out
When the fire keeps burning?

So so alone now. 
Just let the wounds heal.
Get up on your feet, kid.
Time to grab the wheel, remember. 

When you're lost...when you're lost
Face to face with yourself?

I lost my head on the comedown.




The Sinner


Lost my sight on a dangerous night.
Ran til my soles bled. Now she's in my head.
Look who showed their face.
And I won't forgive her, though I tried to.

I thought I lost you.
Now here's where I find you.
Unstuck in the moment.
Can't put together the broken.
What you want, you can't have.
In time, this will pass.
I know it's wearing you down.

Lost your way knee deep in catastrophe.
Predator to prey, you and your wicked ways.
The star of your own play.
Well, I won't forgive her, though I tried to.

The feelings we grew to know
Beginning to lose control.
I'm feeling I should let go.
Your failures are all your own.
You hit bottom and lost control.
I'm feeling I should let go.


Brand NEW

Even if you're broken, alone, we can pick it up and move on.
Let's find another way to believe with hearts on our sleeves.
We don't have to hurt anymore, or cry for someone else.
You and I can start our own life, and leave them behind.

The scars will remind me of when we were lonely.
I can build a brand new heart!
Cast out and wandering, but now that you know me,
I can build a brand new heart!
I can build a brand new...

You're thinking that it's time you should go, and leave me on my own.
But baby that's no way to repay the guy who just saved you.
All your friends are happy when you are crawling on the floor.
That's the kind of love that you need.
You won't get that from me!

Where are we going darling?
I'll leave it up to you.
But if we're going somewhere,
We'll make it all brand new!



I'm not too good at reading in between the lines, repeat it
This last time, and the lights glowing red and I'm still speeding up
Towards the sun, burn away and turn to dust,
I need you there, by my side, even though you're poison for me, baby.

Say what you will, what you will, what you will 'cause I'm falling for you.
Say what you will, what you will, what you will! It's over! 
Say what you will, what you will, what you will 'cause we're falling apart.
Say what you will, what you will, what you will!

So much more that's left to say
With all the words aligned in front of me.
Not an escape, nor a crutch,
It's just a vice I can't get enough of.

And for the sake of us all,
I hope you read every word of this.
Pack up my bags and I'm gone
Onto the next one, baby.

...Onto the end of the line, baby!



You disappoint me kid.
Not sure we've really met at all.
You try so hard to fit
Do you remember who you are?

Hey! I'm better on my own!
I'm better when you're not around to fool me now.
Hey! I'm better on my own!
I'm better when you're not around to pull me down.
I keep getting better!

And when the day is done
And you've got time to think alone,
Can you name one thing that
Is yours and you got on your own?

You'll always need someone to keep...
To keep you in line.
Be someone new to fit into...
Into others' lives.
I never knew the person you...
That you keep inside!

I'm better! Get better! I'm better! Get better!



I... I knew it from the very first moment.
He's like your brother, your lover, until he cast you aside.

Beautiful Liars tell beautiful lies.
They got their hooks into you
And burrowed deep in your mind.
Well, you're so perfect for him
'Cause you're both empty inside!

All this time wasted dragging your dead weight around.
I should've left you right when I met you!
I'm ready to cut you out, and bury you in the ground.
I should've sensed your addiction to failure!