Unsigned Spotlight: Phantom Drive

KTM: For starters, what bands were you guys a part of prior to Phantom Drive? How long has the band been around? 

Peter: We have only been around for a short while, maybe 6 months. But we have a lot of collective experience. We have been in bands like, Hunters of the Alps, Rescue Kid, Destro, Twice the Sun, All Hell Breaks Loose, and And Then There Was You. 

KTM: What’s the origin of that name and have you changed the band’s name before?

Peter: The name Phantom Drive was originally created to satisfy my desire to use the word “phantom” and then the word drive created a metaphor I really liked when juxtaposed. I hadn’t played music in over a decade and so the desire or drive to return to it seemed to have reappeared out of nowhere after a split with an ex-girlfriend. The name also reminds me of an abandoned road somewhere, not inhabited by any person or cars and no telling where it goes.