Phantom Drive Is Breakup Music for Tough Guys

ABEL FOLGAR | JANUARY 30, 2018 | 9:50AM

A recent meme popularized (maybe even created) by music writer Dan Ozzi poses as a multiple-choice survey. The query is as follows: "You’re a punk dude over 30. Choose your path: CrossFit, barbershop culture, craft beer, MMA, Facebook rants, enamel pins, Tinder creeping.” Funny and topical, sure, but also timely because it forces into perspective the aging environs of South Florida’s punk-rock third wave.

Not to get lost in a “where are they now” kind of way, but the generation of punk and hardcore kids from the late '90s to the late '00s can now identify with the aforementioned list. And because we’re not Breitbart or other forms of #RealFakeNews, we'll tell you that at least three, maybe four, of those bullets qualifying as convo points for Phantom Drive.